Joysongs Director: Donnie Rosa

Donnie Rosa has been involved in worship since the age of 16. As a young man he discovered a gift that has grown in anointing and skill over the years. His passion throughout the last 25 years has been to connect the hand of people with the hand of God. His desire for genuine worship has not only been fuel for his own faith, but it has also inspired many others to embrace a life of worship.


Since the inception of Joysongs in 2002 Donnie has led the team in the creation of 4 original CDs and annual worship conferences. He has also worked with Jared Anderson, Darrell Evans, Alvin and Joy Slaughter, Tony Sutherland, and David Moyse.


With 25 plus years of worship ministry experience as the foundation of Joysongs, we are confident that we can be a support to your local church. To find out more of what Joysongs has to offer please call us or take a look at our tech help or vision page.