Tech Help

Cables, cords, speakers, and the complex task that a church sound engineer has; to make music sound beautiful without that terrible screech of feedback.  We know your troubles, we have felt your pain! Joysongs has spent many years in the worship field and is able to help you get the results you want behind the sound board.  With over 20 years of experience, we are confident that we can help turn your sound woes into perfectly executed worship.  For more details about Joysongs’ consulting services you can contact us at 973-463-9455 to speak with the Joysongs director or you can email us by using our online contact form.

Sound Engineer Training

Front of House Engineer Training

Live mixing is as much an art as it is a discipline. It takes a lot of practice, knowledge and experience to become an expert. We have spent years fine tuning our ability so that we can offer you some of the most useful sound mixing principles for your church.


Technical Training

Church sound engineer training can be hard to come by, but it is critical for excellence behind the board!  We offer hands on seminars at our annual Joysongs conferences so you can develop your skills.

Equipment Consulting

Using your current equipment

You have hundreds, if not thousands already invested into your setup, so why not use it at it’s highest ability?  We want to maximize the efficiency, sound quality, and overall feel of everything that comes out of your speakers.  We will work with your sound engineers to optimize the usage of your equipment.


Selecting and Purchasing New Equipment

As churches grow equipment needs to grow with it.  Joysongs can help you streamline this process with on location consulting followed up with connecting you to distributors that will handle everything from purchase to installation.  With all this help readily available, there’s no need to stress over getting new gear! Contact us today and let’s work together on building up your church.