If you have never experienced a Joysongs event, conference or training you might be curious to find out what others have to say about Joysongs. These are just a few testimonies of what Joysongs has been able do for the different churches we have partnered with.

“This was my first year to experience the Joysongs Conference and I had the honor to not only attend but lead worship and teach a workshop. I felt right at home and with family. The Friday worship event was amazing! I had a blast worshiping with everyone. The people came ready to seek the heart of God and to go deeper. I believe pastors and worship leaders were healed and restored that night. The atmosphere of the whole conference was refreshing and full of restoration. Everything is done with excellence and you can tell that Joysongs is thoroughly prayed for and over. If I had to describe Joysongs in a few words I would call it an oasis for ministers. Its not a long conference, but while you are there you will be blessed and if you allow the Lord to move you will be restored.”

Jonathan Lee
CentricWorship Artist and Worship Leader

“My experience with Joysongs has been so positive. I found people that really want to grow in their skill and ability without sacrificing their surrendered hearts to the ways of slick mechanics. They keep Jesus at the center.”

Jared Anderson
Worship Leader and Author of “Great I Am,” “Rescue,” and “Amazed”
Colorado, U.S.

“We are so honored to have been a part of Joysongs through the years! With over 24 years of traveling around the world, we are proud to call the leaders of Joysongs, some of our most cherished and respected friends.”

Alvin and Joy Slaughter
International Worship Leader and Speakers

“Joysongs is a great model and encouragement to believers growing in unity, faithfulness, and a life of praise. I’m thankful for their ministry and friendship. Any event they’re involved in will display excellence, anointing, and of course, joy.”

Darrell Evans
Minister of Worship, Songwriter

“My experience of Joysongs under the direction of Donnie Rosa is unparalleled. Many ministries can lead worship but precious few can actually connect heaven and earth, God and man, time and eternity. I highly recommend Joysongs as a great conduit with the grace of the Priest-King before God toward men.”

Pastor Walt Healy
Lead Pastor of the Church of Grace and Peace
Toms River, New Jersey

“It’s so refreshing to see someone who’s trying to equip the church today with the musical tools, skills and know-how to present worship at it’s best. Joysongs and their director Reverend Donnie Rosa do just that. This is a conference that can really make a difference in how your church worships, from their understanding of worship, to the principles involved and the equipment that is being used today. The highlight of their yearly conference is the night of worship. I have experienced some of the best worship I have ever attended with them leading and I’m sure you will agree. Don’t miss the conferences or an opportunity to have them at your church!”

Pastor Scott Brown
Lead Pastor of His Word Passion Church
Wanaque, NJ

“Not only does Joysongs create an atmosphere of great praise and anointed worship, they also bring a servants heart that is willing to help and a spirit of expertise that is equipped to teach and instruct in every area of worship.”

Pastor Tom Berninger
Lead Pastor of Lincoln Park Abundant Life
Lincoln Park, New Jersey

“JOYSONGS is one of the most powerful and inspirational resources available to the church today. The various training labs along with the long list of services they offer to local churches is invaluable. Their yearly conferences always make a true and powerful impact in the lives of our worship team members who attend. Great emphasis is placed not only on developing an excellent worship experience, but also on how to connect it to the vision and culture of your local church. I highly recommend JOYSONGS to every Pastor, worship leader, and team member.”

Pastor Dan Livingston
Lead Pastor of Transformation Church
Pensacola, Florida